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Leadership of public sector organizations is one of Canada’s most important assets. Recognizing and building the cadre of public sector leaders is a critical ingredient in the success of our country and communities. Yet, all too often, the burden of administration, specter of negative media, and desire to avoid risk, places our public servants in circumstances where it is difficult to lead.

The IPAC/Deloitte Public Sector Leadership Awards program recognizes organizations that have demonstrated outstanding leadership by taking bold steps to improve Canada, through advancements in public policy and management. Specifically, the program will profile individuals and/or teams who have dared to take their organizations in a new direction, in the pursuit of better outcomes.

The winning projects will reflect the importance of innovation, strategic thinking, trust and team building, sharing vision, and effective collaboration and partnerships.

More and more, there is interest in bringing senior leaders from across the country at all levels of government as well as the broader public sector together to learn from each other, build networks, inspire and be inspired, and hear from leaders outside the public sector who have applied an innovative and collaborative approach to achieving their organizational goals and objectives.

The public sector is in transition. Governments are looking to embrace new opportunities, take decisive action, even place bets on new approaches.

IPAC and Deloitte have partnered to establish the first Public Sector Leadership Awards, which are designed to encourage and recognize those organizations whose leaders have demonstrated the vision, commitment and capacity to set a new course.

The awards are designed to formally recognize and reward excellence in leadership within the public sector in Canada. They will showcase projects and initiatives undertaken by organizations or agencies where leadership played a key role in making it possible for major organizational transformation and outstanding performance to occur.